Durcor® Advanced Composite
PTFE Lined Piping System



Durcor® Flanged, Ethylene® Flexijoint® PTFE Expansion joints. The severe service standard. ½” to 42” diameter, 2 - 12 convolutions for maximum movement.
Durcor® Flanged PTFE hose. Smoothbore or convoluted. 1/2” to 6” diameter.
Durcor® Flanged, Ethylene® FLO-VU® 360° sight gauges. ½” to 12” diameter, up to 50” long. 150 psi @ 350°F. Guaranteed not to leak during thermal cycling.
Durcor® body, PTFE / PFA lined butterfly valves. 2” to 12” diameters. Guaranteed bubble tight.